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Ltpa API

webWise Network Consultants have invested years in web authentication solutions. Modern companies are a complex mix of different application server software and user directories resulting in users needing to remember a multitude of usernames and passwords (which are regularly forgotten or left on post-it! notes stuck to their monitors).

We take that pain away.

WNC can provide you with a turn-key solution in the form of "Web Booster Enterprise Single Sign On" http://www.puakma.net/booster, or if your needs are a little more complicated we can build a custom solution. Your users will love you, and so will the helpdesk when they get a dramatic drop in the number of calls for password resets.

Perhaps you want to roll your own security system? webWise Network Consultants offer an API for creating and verifying Ltpa tokens. These tokens are a popular identity management mechanism for IBM Websphere and Lotus Domino. We have libraries available to generate and decrypt these tokens, and consulting expertise to integrate them into your environment. Contact us today to find out how.

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